Hottest Baby Names Of 2019

If you are expecting a baby in 2019, or even simply thinking about getting pregnant, you are probably curious about what the hottest baby name trends will be for the year of 2019 and beyond! Things are definitely changing when it comes to baby names, and we are hearing about lots of different and unique baby names coming at us in early 2019. Read on to find out some of the hottest and most exciting up and coming names for babies being born this year! One of the biggest trends that is going on in the world of baby names right now is the influx of global inspired baby names,especially those from the far East, including names based on Eastern religion and mythology. Korean names are gaining in popularity, and the same goes for names with Indian origins and South American roots. Some of the most popular global inspired names that we are seeing includ Lior, Cyrene, Kiran, Acacius, Sena, Bodhi, Raiden, Tanith, Osiris, Manu, Rama, Kali, Asherah, and Zen. As you can see these names are out of the box and super unique, which makes new parents flock to them for sure!

Another super popular trend when it comes to baby names is jewel, gem, or color related names. Strange enough, most of the newest color related baby names are actually leaning toward more muted, soft color tones and less towards bright color names, which gives these names a more vintage feel.

Gem and soft color related names are especially popular for baby girls, with names like Sage, Fawn, Ash, Olive, Mauve, Lilac, Lavender, and Ivory leading the list. Gem and jewel names like Opal, Jasper, Garnet, Emerald, Amethyst, and Topaz are also growing in popularity. Baby names are also taking a step back in time this year, with old-school fifties and sixties All American nicknames becoming more and more popular.  These are my personal favorite, as these names give off a playful, wholesome feel, which I personally love. Girl names like Josie, Millie, and Maisie, and Sunny are coming into their own, and I could not be happier! As for vintage boy names, they are some of the cutest around, which is why Jimmy, Johnny, Sonny, Archie, Buddy, Ace, Hank, Archie and Freddy are coming back into style!

Weird as it may sound, some of the most popular baby names are so short, they might not even be considered names at all! Three letter baby names look like the wave of the future, with names like Van, Rio, Rex, Lux, Liv, Kit, Jem, Ida, and Hal leading the way. These names are unique, future forward and definitely easy for little ones to learn to spell and write! Did you ever think you would see baby name trends that take a cue from the animal kingdom? Well, that is exactly what we are seeing lately, with animal inspired names popping up everywhere, and to be honest, we love it!Think about it: how could you not be behind names like Falcon, Hawk, Lynx, Tiger, Wolf or Bear? Talk about wild! Now, we haven’t seen animal names like Eagle, Gorilla, Ostrich or Alligator just yet, but we are keeping an eye out for sure!

Another one of my favorite baby name trends of 2019 and beyond is the trend of drawing from celebrity names. However, this trend takes it a step further than in the past, when new parents were all about naming their babies after celebs. These days, however, it’s all about the surname, with new parents leaning towards celebrity LAST names instead of first names. Some of the coolest ones we have seen include Jagger, Lennon, Beckham, Bowie, Hendrix, Jolie, Ledger, Monroe, etc. These are so cool, and we really love these names! Have you heard any of these cool celebrity names? We would love to hear your favorites as well! These are some of the hottest baby names of the year that we see coming down the pipe for 2019, and there are so many other trends that we see on the horizon. For example, Meghan and Harry are getting ready to have their brand new little royal baby, and we already know that we are going to see a huge influx of babies named after whatever they decide to name their baby!We are also going to be seeing a big influx of gender neutural names as well, like Morgan, Charlie, Jordan, Reed, Sawyer, Skyler and more. Keep an eye on these kinds of names coming up this year and beyond!

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