6 Causes Of A Cryptic Pregnancy

You have heard those strange stories about women only finding out that they were pregnant when they were sitting on the toilet in pain, and ended up delivering a baby. And you are asking, how in the heck could that be possible? Especially since the one thing that goes when you are pregnant are periods, and not to mention, why could someone gain all of that weight if they aren’t eating that much more? And the absence of morning sickness is not always a shock because some lucky women don’t get any of those nausea symptoms at all. However, you would think that it just is not possible to not know that you are pregnant when you even reach your second trimester. But the fact of the matter is, as strange as this phenomenon is, there are a handful of women who never knew that they were pregnant until they were literally delivering. And the term for that is a cryptic pregnancy.

Now, let’s look at 6 signs of a cryptic pregnancy:

A False Negative Blood Test – As odd as this sounds, there are cases where women may suspect that they are pregnant due to not having a period and having nausea and they go to the doctor to have blood drawn for a pregnancy confirmation. And, the test comes back as negative. With that said, since blood work is usually the most accurate method for finding out that you are pregnant, if it comes back negative, then the woman would just scoff it off as being under stress as the reason for being late and sick. And as the months progress, she would just think she is still not recovered from whatever she had until much later on.

Getting Pregnant Right After Giving Birth – The fact of the matter is that after a woman gives birth, she is extremely fertile. And with that said, if she gets pregnant before her 6-week postpartum checkup, she won’t know. She may just suspect months later that she is taking a long time to recover from her postpartum period which may mean there are some pregnancy symptoms until – surprise! She is in labor with her baby’s Irish twin.

The Mind Is A Powerful Thing – In some cases, some women may not believe that they are pregnant and the mind can start playing tricks on them. Their minds can be so powerful that there may be no sickness, fatigue, or any other pregnancy symptom.

Perimenopause May Be Believed To Be The Cause – Perimenopause is the stage that happens before menopause and this is an issue that happens to women in their late 30’s to over 40. The symptoms of perimenopause are similar to pregnancy with mood swings, fatigue, even nausea, and strange cycles. However, in some causes perimenopause is not the cause for those symptoms! The older mom could be pregnant yet again.

Periods Can Still Happen Despite Pregnancy – The odd thing is that occasionally, some women may still have light periods during the time they are pregnant and would not even know that they are pregnant. This is not a cause for concern, it is just a strange phenomenon that happens. It is not difficult to miss the first month of pregnancy due to not having symptoms and believing that implantation spotting is a light period. However, in some cases, pregnant women can get light periods even during pregnancy. And if they are getting bigger, they may only think they are gaining weight because they are hungrier (a sign of pregnancy right there) or they may think that their metabolism is slowing down and also think that they are feeling weird as a result of that. But the fact is that they are pregnant.

Sometimes hCG Is Not Detected – When it comes to athletes or those who have low body weight, they may not produce a lot of hCG when they are pregnant and this can be the cause for false negatives. This is quite rare but this is a cause for a cryptic pregnancy. And those who have had cryptic pregnancies and find out before they are in labor may be upset due to the fact that they were drinking and had no idea they were pregnant until finding out much later on. However, this is why it is important to really pay attention to your body. Cryptic pregnancies are rare but that does not mean it cannot happen to you. If something feels off, then it is always best to have it examined thoroughly because there is a slight chance you may be pregnant and don’t know it!

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